This winter take a workshop with me!
        Workshops differ from normal classes because they are
        designed to teach students to augment and nurture their 
        personal practice
                                                        Yoga for Relaxation: A 4-week Workshop Series 
Place: Yoga Garden
Date: Sat   2/6/2010 - 2/27/2010
Time:  2:00 PM - 3:15 PM
Cost: $20 per class
This mellow yoga class is designed to help you cultivate a relaxed awareness of your breath as it moves through the body, guiding you into gentle stretches that relieve tension. No sun salutations required, modifications and props encouraged. You will learn a gentle sequence of mostly seated and reclined postures interspersed with pranayama (such as skull shining breath and deer mudra). The class winds down even further with a series of fully supported postures (paschimottanasa with a bolster on the lap, etc.) and restorative postures (e.g. viparit karani, supta baddha konasana). The class finishes with a guided meditation exercise and a full compliment of savasana adjustments.
It's basically a poor man's massage, an active nap. Unlike my other yoga classes, you probably won't break a sweat.  
To read more about yoga for relaxation, check out this article in the San Francisco Chronicle.
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Place: Yoga Garden
Date: Sun   3/28/2010
Time:  4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Cost: $22
Contrary to popular belief, classical Pilates is not all about abs. Josef Pilates would say it is about the integrity of the spine and the whole family of muscles that help it remain healthy and flexible. How does this relate to yoga? Having a strong and stable core and healthy spine benefits both asana and pranayama practice (think mula bandha and uddiyana bandha, for example). The yoga/pilates fusion included in this workshop consists of classical Pilates matwork sequenced in with classical Ashtanga yoga standing/seated series. You begin with supine strengthening exercises and quite literally work your way up to standing stretches. The pilates segment includes all the elements of classical matwork, meaning that each move features an intensity of focus on accessing and strengthening the muscles that support and stabilize body. After working the muscles we then to stretch them out with a standing sequence of yoga asanas. We finish our workout with seated stretches and Savasana.
You will break a sweat in this one.
For more on Pilates, check out the Dharmaspace Pilates definition.
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