Natalie Cox
Irreverent yoga

Natz Teaching Philosophy

Whether it’s the pleasure of dancing, the smooth calm of swimming, or the strenuous peace of running, I have long been a devotee to the many benefits of the body in motion. But in yoga I found the grace of movement went far beyond exercise. Here was a perfect complement to every aspect of my life: an embodied art form so flexible that it could be considered a sport, a life style, a tool for therapeutic relaxation, or a form of spirituality. For the last 10 years, this unique blend of movement, breath, and meditation has served me in all of those capacities. Now I try to serve others by showing them how to use yoga for their own needs.

I come to students as they are, tailoring the practice to their own specific desires. If someone just wants to practice healing pranayama, I will breathe with them. If someone wants to work hard to attain strength and flexibility, I will sweat with them. The yoga I share requires no fancy equipment, no gym membership, no particular body type, and no special talent to participate. I firmly believe that yoga is an accommodating practice that requires only loving care for the mind/body and the willingness to nurture and cherish the breath.